He first started swimming to lose weight, but later he fell in love with the sport. He began enjoying the sport at age 13. "At first I didn't want to compete. With swimming, you have time to yourself as compared to other sports. You don't have to shout to pass the ball. You can be alone in your head".

Date of birth 10-10-2019
Height 0
Weight 0
Country Uganda
Occupation Student
Language English
Club Grinnell College: United States
Name of coach Erin Hurley [club]; Tim Hammond [club]
Gender Male
Nickname Aurum
Hobbies -
Memorable achievement He was Uganda's flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
Idol US boxer Muhammad Ali.
Injuries He suffered a shoulder injury in June 2013.
Ambitions -
Awards -


Season Stats

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  • 1 st Places
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