Mr Ramsamy awarded the Olympic Order by the Algerian National Olympic Committee

Our President, Mr Sam Ramsamy, is not only the person who unites and brings together the big CANA family but also takes care of spirit of unity and cohesion of African sports in general, especially after the troubles experienced during the elections of ANOCA that took place on the 10th May 2017 in Djibouti. Since the 3rd November 2017, the extraordinary General Assembly of ANOCA has entrusted Mr Sam Ramsamy with the delicate task of chairing the Committee who would review and reform ANOCA according to the roadmap established in Prague. The Pr... Read More

Message from the President

The FINA World Short Course Championships in Hangzhou, China will finally assess the progress of the African development and competitive swimming programme. No doubt, most of our National Federations have worked tremendously hard throughout the year to improve their respective standing in our continent. Sadly, a few countries still do not understand the importance of Good Governance which is crucial for the improvement of swimming standards. CANA is monitoring this aspect to ensure that all Federations comply with the principles of Good Governa... Read More

3rd Youth African Games jeux africains de la jeunesse Alger 22-25 juillet 2018

Domination Nord Africaine En l`absence de la sélection sud africaine, la redistribution des médailles a permis a 13 pays sur les 31 engagés d`accéder aux podiums. Les pays d`Afrique du nord ont dominé la compétition avec 30 titres remportés sur 33 épreuves. L`Egypte a obtenu 28 médailles dont 13 en or devant la Tunisie avec 24 médailles dont 7 en or .L`Algérie a devancé le Maroc au décompte des médailles de bronze. 24 records des championnat... Read More

Analysis of the 3rd African Youth Games, Algiers 22-25 July

North Africa domination In the absence of the South African swimmers, the redistribution of medals has allowed 13 countries out of the 31 participating to be on the podiums.  The countries from North Africa dominated by winning 30 titles out of the 33. Egypt won 28 medals including 13 gold, ahead of Tunisia who won 24 medals of which 7 gold. Algeria finished 3rd ahead of Morocco having won more bronze medals. 24 championships records (16 Men and 8 Women) have been broken by swimmers from 8 different countries (EGY 7,TUN 5, ALG 4, MAR 3... Read More