14th CANA African Swimming Championship Results

14th CANA African Swimming & Open Water Championship Results   Juniors: https://canaswim.com/uploads/admin/pages/cana-african-junior-champs21-results.pdf Seniors: https://canaswim.com/uploads/admin/pages/cana-african-senior-champs21-results.pdf Open Water: https://canaswim.com/sub-events/14th-cana-african-junior-senior-open-water-championships Read More

CANA Zone 4 To Implement FINA Water Polo Program in 2022

CANA ZONE IV hosted a strategic Water Polo planning workshop to grow the water polo discipline in the region. 10 countries enthusiastically participated in the workshop. Mr Gabor Karpati from FINA shared some of the Water Polo development initiatives that FINA will be undertaking to assist member federations with their wate polo programmes. The Zone agreed to initiate the FINA Swim and Play Ball programme within the Zone and will host and annual competition for the 13 and under age group for both girls and boys. FINA will assist with the tra... Read More

FINA President signs pioneering agreement with Swimming South Africa

FINA teamed up with Swimming South Africa to form a hub for the development and growth of Aquatics in Africa that will welcome FINA Scholarship Programmes, as well as Coaches and Officials Education and Certification Programmes. The agreement signed covers the creation of a new FINA Development Centre in Franschhoek, South Africa. Swimming South Africa President Alan Fritz said: “We are very grateful to FINA and FINA President for the support and for delivering this significant project. Aquatic sports in Africa, and i... Read More

CANA Supports Mr Husain Al Musallam For FINA Presidency

At the recent CANA General Assembly, the CANA members unanimously agreed to support Mr Husain Al Musallam in his campaign and candidacy for the FINA Presidency. You’re welcome to review the documentation and video related to the campaign and Mr Al Husain’s objectives via the links below. https://canaswim.com//uploads/admin/pages/husain-al-musallam-cv.pdf https://canaswim.com//uploads/admin/pages/husain-al-musallam_manifesto.pdf Read More

Deux Nageurs de l’Equipe du Sénégal au Stage et à la Compétition pré-olympique de la CANA à Cape Town

Une semaine de stage sportif studieuse et fructueuse à Cape Town en Afrique du Sud du 1 au 9 mai 2021. Nos deux internationaux Jeanne BOUTBIEN et Adama NIANE ont pu bénéficier de l’excellente condition du stage organisé par la Confédération Africaine de Natation (CANA). Lors de ce stage, l’Entraineur du centre de Développement FINA de Dakar, Monsieur Malick Fall junior, a pu côtoyer d'autres coachs en particulier Mr Graham Hill, entraineur de plusieurs médaill&eacu... Read More