Daker Goree 5km open water swim

The swim is in tribute to slavery victims who were taken to the islands , and the island was operated as a slave port. In defiance and for their freeedom , often these slaves attempted to swim away while still chained up. See Result

FINA Women's Junior Water Polo World Championships

FINA Junior Water Polo World Championships an international water polo tournament held every two years for the players under the age of 20. It was launched by FINA in 1981 for men and in 1995 for women.The 2009 championships were played with U18 teams each, but in 2011 the FINA switched to U20 teams again. See Result

Indian Ocean Island Games

Our Indian Ocean Island Games 2019 Mauritius. Top athletes from Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros, Madagascar, Mayotte and Réunion will be competing at the Indian Ocean Island Games 2019 in Mauritius from July 19 to 28. See Result

18th FINA World Championships

18th FINA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019 - Gwangju, Korea Known as the “City of Peace”, Gwangju is a metropolitan city full of vitality and excitement. Aquatics fans from around the world can look forward to participating the championships in a modern city with picturesque traditional backgrounds. See Result