Mise à jour de CANA Covid - 19

Nous espérons que, votre famille et vous, êtes sains et saufs durant cette la pandémie de Corona à laquelle nous sommes tous confrontés. Nous avons tous attendu patiemment comment et quand une certaine forme d’activité de natation pourrait commencer ; et quand nous pourrions nous réunir. En dehors des discussions quotidiennes avec le Président de la FINA, le Dr Julio Maglione, et le 1er vice-président Husain al Musallam, notre président de la CANA consulte régu... Read More

CANA Covid - 19 Update

We trust you and your family are well and safe during the Corona Global pandemic presently facing all of us. All of us have been patiently awaiting how and when some form of swimming activity can commence; and when we can get together. Besides our daily discussions with FINA President Dr Julio Maglione and 1st Vice President Husain al Musallam, Our CANA President consults regularly with the IOC, ANOC and ANOCA so that whatever information we transmit to you via our Zonal Representatives is most recent and up to date. We are all concerned ... Read More

COVID-19 vs Sports: Who is winning? By Dr Donald Rukare

Over the last month and a half, Uganda has been and is coming to grips with the corona virus (COVID-19) global pandemic. John Hopkins University reveals that we as of April 5th 2020, had over 1,252,265 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 68,148 deaths and rapidly climbing. The pandemic is wreaking havoc and the sports sector has not been spared. This article will explore the impact of COVID -19 on sports at both the national, regional and international level and ask is COVID winning this war or will sports prevail? At the national level, follow... Read More

COVID-19 and Human Rights: What to look out for by Dr. Donald Rukare

The world is currently gripped in the throes of the gruesome corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic. Globally, as of April 6 2020, John Hopkins University reported that we had a total of 1,292,564 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 70,798 deaths and quickly climbing. The COVID-19, said to have emanated from Wuhan in China and is rapidly traversing the world with thousands of cases and deaths seen in Italy, Spain and the United States. It is believed a surge of cases will be experienced in Africa as well. Uganda according to the Ministry of Health,... Read More