FINA World Junior Artistic Swimming Championships July 18-22, 2018 Budapest (HUN)

Hanna Heykel (EGY) et Leila Ali (EGY) les plus représentatives du continent   Comme en 2016 a Kazan, les nageuses égyptiennes ont conservé leur suprématie continentale dans les épreuves de solo et de duo. La participation africaine reste toujours limitée aux  nageuses du Nil et de Pretoria. En solo libre Leila Ali (EGY) a terminé a la 21eme place avec un score de 72.7000 devançant des concurrentes de Serbie, Australie, Turquie, Uruguay, Lituanie, Porto Rico , Hongkong et... Read More

FINA World Women’s Youth Water Polo Championships August 27- September 12, 2018 Belgrade (SRB)

Even if the young South African women’s team managed to stay at the 14th place between the 2016 edition ( 15 countries) and that of 2018 (16 countries) , the overall performance of the team was better and encouraging with a victory against Argentina 11/8 and honorable defeats against New Zealand 11/5 and  Brazil 10/7.  In qualifying matches, the South Africans lost to Netherlands 18/3 and Russia 23/1.The goal average has been improved from 2016 to 2018 with 27 goals scored and 70 conceded against 18 goals scored to 88 conceded i... Read More

FINA World Men’s Youth Water Polo Championships August 11-18, 2018 Szombathely (HUN)

A significant progress The Egyptians and South Africans had an encouraging performance and were ranked 13th and 15th out of 20 participating countries.  Our representatives did better than in 2016 in Podgorica (MNE) where Egypt was ranked 14th and South Africa 18th out of 19 countries. Egyptian Ahmed Al Sapegh was also the league’s top scorer with 29 goals.  Egypt won 3 matches against Saudi Arabia 36/1, Argentina 22/6 and New Zealand 14/4.  In group A, the Egyptian team lost against Montenegro 21/4, Brazil 12/8 and A... Read More

FINA Women’s Water polo World Cup September 4-8, 2018 Surgut (RUS)

The previous edition in 2014 was also hosted by Russia. The South African team finished 7th after beating Singapore 11/6 in the ranking match.  In 2018 they played in pool B and have lost against Canada 3/18, USA 1/26 and NZL 4/10. They could not do better in the quarter finals with defeats against Russia 26/0 and also in the ranking matches against Canada 21/2 and New Zealand 14/3. Read More

FINA Men’s Water polo World Cup September 11-16, 2018 Berlin (GER)

A lot to learn Africa was represented by a South African team playing in Group A. They have lost against Serbia 3/21, Croatia 2/25 and USA 6/15.  In the quarter finals and ranking matches, the African representatives were beaten respectively by Germany 24/5 , once more by Croatia 16/3, and Japan 21/9.  The brave South African players finally finished 8th behind the winner of the competition Hungary, Australia, Serbia, Germany, Croatia, USA and Japan. In comparison, in the previous edition of 2014, held in Almaty (Kazakhstan), th... Read More